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(South view on Metcalf street 1916)
  • The photo above is from the The mother of all snows: 1916 feature. Here we look south on Metcalf Street in Sedro-Woolley sometime during the great 1916 snowstorm. Snow drifted as high as five feet in some areas. Note that the cluster lights were installed by then, the ones that inspired the present cluster lights on Woolley streets. These photos were taken by Frank LaRoche, a famed Sedro-Woolley photographer who had his office in the Schneider building at the near right. Parts of the county were cut off from the outside world for up to a month.

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    1870s Skagit Valley

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    Liquor in frontier Skagit County
    Pioneers who lived in various parts of the county

    County History
    Other countywide stories

         Janine M. Bork, who lives in Wallowa county, Oregon, scanned and transcribed many chapters of a fascinating early history, History of the Pacific Northwest: Oregon and Washington, Volume II, which was published by the North Pacific History Company of Portland, Oregon in 1889. It is a very valuable source for profiles of towns and pioneers in Washington Territory before statehood.


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