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Noel V. Bourasaw, founder (bullet) , Sedro-Woolley, Washington, 98284
Home of the Tarheel Stomp (bullet) Mortimer Cook slept here & named the town Bug

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Introduction to and links to transcribed chapters of
Illustrated History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties

      You can find links to our transcriptions of this most valuable resource below. The Illustrated History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties (hereafter the 1906 History), published in 1906, is hands down the most important book on the shelf of anyone who writes about or reads about our Northwest history. We always offer a caveat, however, to the modern reader about the biography section of the book. The book was split into two parts, the first half compiled by professionals and well-read amateurs who had their fingers on the pulse of the area. They had what we now call "a sense of place."
      The second half was a collection of biographies subscribed and paid for by families who could afford the fee. Some have said that the subscription was $100 but that seems quite a dear sum for those times. Regardless, this second half has to be taken with a grain of salt, as the pioneers would have said, because several of the biographies have proven to be more works of fanciful fiction in parts or the total. The most famous is a biography of a scoundrel who flitted back and forth between both sides of the civil war, living on his wits and poker, and yet his biography paints him as possessing the epitome of integrity and patriotism. The vast majority of the biographies are very helpful, anyway, especially if you look past the flowery language and the lack of any controversy.
      As you will see below, some of the most revered pioneers endorsed the book and acted as a committee to oversee it. One of the most interesting names of the publication's professionals is Harrison B. Averill (1881-1960). A Michigan native, Averill began writing for his local newspaper in Saginaw, Michigan, when he was right out of high school. By 1902, he was 21 and had worked on west as a journalist, as was a common course back then and he was hired by Interstate Publishing of Chicago to research and write copy for books such as this one.
      He and William S. Shiach formed a team and wrote much of the copy for An Illustrated History of North Idaho in 1903. They worked together on other books after that, including the 1906 History. Their assignment was to interview pioneers and mine their memories, as well as reading the "morgues" or past volumes of newspapers in the area. That was a luxury, however, because many of the newspapers burned in various fires of the early years, so sometimes the pioneer memories were the only source of local events. Averill got to know the county well, traveling from farm to farm in a horse and buggy.
      For overarching history of the Northwest that dated back to the English and Spanish exploration, Interstate contracted with William Dennison Lyman (1852-1920), the esteemed professor of history at Whitman College in Walla Walla. He was author of several prestigious histories, including The Columbia River: Its History, its Myths, its Scenery, its Commerce and a book on Mount Rainier and Indian legends of that area, in addition to Lyman's History of Old Walla Walla County. He was also an expert on the Whitman Massacre and he is perhaps most famous for his last book, History of the Yakima Valley, Washington: comprising Yakima, Kittitas, and Benton counties, published by S.J. Clarke in 1919, the year before his death.
      Something about Skagit County must have stuck with Harry Averill. After his book assignments, he became the publisher of the Cle Elem Echo, and continued in that position through at least 1920, according to the Federal Census that year. But in 1926, he came to Mount Vernon and edited and soon published the Mount Vernon Herald. He set a record for publishing the paper for 28 years, during which time he transformed it from a weekly to a daily. One of his first historic series was a serialization of pioneer Otto Klement's memoirs. He retired in 1954 and turned the Herald over to M.D. Glover, who renamed it the Skagit Valley Herald. Sometime after that, he and his wife, Mollie, moved to Los Angeles, where Harry died on Dec. 29, 1960, at 79 years. They had a daughter, Elizabeth, who was grown by then, but we have never traced her. Historian John Conrad visited Averill in California and discovered that he didn't own a copy of the 1906 History.
      Below you will find the table of contents of the 1906 History, with underscored links to the chapters as we complete the transcriptions. We have also supplied extensive annotation and endnotes to help familiarize readers with pioneers, towns and events. You will also find the preface and introduction to the book, as well as its mission statement.

An Illustrated History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties

Their People, Their Commerce and Their Resources with an Outline of the
Early History of the State of Washington — Endorsed as Authentic
by local committees of pioneers), published by Interstate Publishing Company
Copyright 1906, printed by the S.J. Clarke Co. of Chicago

Express to Skagit County Chapter Links

To the Pioneers of Skagit and Snohomish Counties, Washington
Those Who Have Gone and Those Who Remain,
This Work is Dedicated as a Token of Appreciation of Their Virtues and Their Sacrifices

      "The best heritage the pioneer can leave to future generations is the simple yet powerful story of his life — of hardships endured, of dangers faced, and his final victory over wilderness and desert plain." — Theodore Roosevelt.

      Every community writes its own history just as surely as every community makes its own history. The compiler and publisher of historical works can do nothing more than to collect, collate and arrange the accounts which have been already prepared for him by the actors themselves, whose deeds and achievements he seeks to record.
      If he does this thoroughly, skillfully and with conscientious care, he has done all that is possible to him. If the makers of the history of any locality have failed to write fully accounts of their deeds, either upon the printed page or the tablets of the memory, no compiler can make good the resulting loss. A careful effort has been made by the compilers and publishers of this work to make the best use of all available materials. It is hoped that in some measure, at least, they have succeeded. If the result of their labors seems deficient to the reader in any respect, let him remember the possibility that the deficiency may be due partly to the fact that the makers of the history themselves have not written their history with sufficient care and fullness.
      A tribute is due, however, to the pioneers of Skagit and Snohomish counties, both for the faithfulness and vividness of the pictures of past experiences which they have hung on memory's walls, and for the willingness manifested to display those pictures for the benefit of the compilers. A tribute is also due to the pioneer newspaper men for efficiency in preserving for us a record of events as they transpired, and for unselfishness in placing before the compilers the files wherein that record is to be found. It is impossible to thank specifically each of the many persons who have assisted in the production of this work, but to all who have extended courtesies, or imparted information, and to those who, by their patronage, have made the publication of the history possible, the most cordial thanks of the publishers are extended.
      Special acknowledgments are due the Puget Sound Mail, the Skagit News-Herald, the Mount Vernon Argus, the Anacortes American, the Skagit County Times and the Courier of Sedro-Woolley, the Snohomish Tribune, the Everett Daily Herald and the Morning Tribune, the Arlington Times, the Stanwood Tidings, the Edmonds Review; to Eldridge Morse and Clayton Packard, editors respectively of the Northern Star and the Eye, for use of files; to Melville Curtis, of Anacortes, for placing in our hands files of the Northwest Enterprise and of the Progress, also some rare maps and pamphlets; to E. A. Sisson, of Padilla, for the use of his diary and old pamphlets; to Gardner Goodridge, of Stanwood, and Hon. E. C. Ferguson, of Snohomish, for valuable papers to the Everett Improvement Company for maps, newspaper files, etc. to Dr. Charles Milton Buchanan, of the Tulalip Indian Agency, for information and contributions concerning the Indians; to the Everett Chamber of Commerce for valuable files and documents; to the officers of both counties for numerous favors and courtesies, and to the special committees of both counties for efficient assistance in revising the manuscripts and many helpful suggestions.
      Free use has been made of official records of county, state and nation. In the preparation of the history we have had the efficient help of W.D. Lyman, professor of history and civics in Whitman College, Walla Walla.
The Interstate Publishing Co.
John MacNeil Henderson, President.
Charles Arthur Branscombe, Vice President.
William Sidney Shiach, Editor.
Harrison B. Averill, Associate Editor.

Committee endorsements
      We, the undersigned, citizens of Skagit county, Washington, hereby certify that we have assisted in a thorough final revision of the manuscript history of said county prepared and to be published by the Interstate Publishing Company. We came to this region during the early days, have taken an active part in its development, and witnessed with no little interest the making of its history from its dawn to the present time; therefore we are able to give to this revision advantages accruing from personal knowledge of many events.
      The History of Skagit County we have no hesitancy in pronouncing eminently fair and comprehensive in its treatment of all sections, impartial toward all interests, interesting in its description of pioneer life and latter-day growth of our community, and authentic in its spirit and details. The result, we believe, is a standard county history of substantial and permanent worth.

Thomas P. Hastie, President Pioneer Association.
David Batey, Ex-president Pioneer Association.
E.A. Sisson, Secretary Pioneer Association.
Albert L. Graham, For the Islands.

Table of Contents
Part One, Introductory

Chapter 1, Explorations by Water
      Introductory.. Gasper Cortereal.. Juan de Fuca- His Story.. Behring's Explorations.. Captain James Cook.. Inception of Fur Trade.. The Nootka Controversy.. La Perouse.. Meares.. American Explorations.. Discovery of the Columbia.. Vancouver's Explorations

Chapter 2, Explorations by Land
      Verendrye.. Moncacht-ape.. Alexander Mackenzie.. Thomas Jefferson and the Northwest.. Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Pacific.. Negotiations Leading to the Louisiana Purchase.. Details of the Journey of Lewis and Clark

Chapter 3, The Astor Expedition
      Profits of the Fur Trade.. John Jacob Astor.. His Plan.. His Partners.. The Tonquin.. Fate of That Ship.. David Thompson.. Adventures of William Price Hunt and Party.. Failure of Astor's Enterprise.. Capture and Restoration of Astoria

Chapter 4, The Northwest and Hudson's Bay Companies
      Joint Occupation.. Early History of the Northwest Company.. Rivalry of the Northwest and Hudson's Bay Companies.. Absorption of Northwest Company.. Character of the Hudson's Bay Company.. Its Modus Operandi.. Its Indian Policy.. William H. Ashley.. Jedediah S. Smith.. Captain B. L. E. Bonneville.. Captain Nathaniel J. Wyeth.. Hudson's Bay Company Seeks a New License.. The Puget Sound Agricultural Company

Chapter 5, Period of Settlement
      Jason Lee and Party.. The Reception by the Hudson's Bay Company's Employees.. The Political Effect.. The Flatheads' Search for the Book.. Its Results to the Tribe.. Settlers in Oregon in 1832-34.. Expedition of Doctor Marcus Whitman and Doctor Samuel Parker.. Whitman's Mission.. Whitman's Work.. Gray's Return to the East.. New Arrivals.. The Large Immigration of 1843.. Extract from Nesmith's Lecture, "The Early Pioneer".. Death of Edwin Young.. Attempts to Organize a Government.. Provisional Government at Last

Chapter 6, The Oregon Controversy
      Claims of the United States to Northwest Stated.. Negotiations of 1826-7.. Evans on Effects of Joint Occupation.. Interest of Congress Finally Aroused.. Exploration is Stimulated.. Immigration of 1843.. Negotiations of 1831.. Of 1842.. Of 1843.. Interest Manifested All Over the Union.. Political Parties Take up the Controversy.. Negotiations of 1845.. Polk Gives Great Britain a Year's Notice of Intention to Abrogate Joint Occupancy Treaty.. Negotiations of 1846.. Great Britain Offers Forty-Ninth Parallel.. Offer is Accepted.. The San Juan Controversy.. Its Settlement

Chapter 7, The Cayuse War
      Agent White's Warning to Immigrants.. The Renegade Cockstock.. Indian Expedition to California.. The Indian Agent's Difficulties.. Calamity Averted.. Cause of the Whitman Massacre.. Joe Lewis.. Details of the Massacre.. Rev. Brouillet's Statement.. His Interviews with Spalding.. Peter Skeen Ogden.. His Speech.. Indian's Reply.. Prisoners Delivered Up.. Eells and Walker.. Oregon Rises to the Occasion.. Volunteer Regiment Provided for.. Failure of Attempt to Negotiate a Loan.. Appeal to Citizens.. The Regiment.. Expedition Starts from Portland.. Yakimas Choose Peace.. Battle of Sand Hollows.. Tiloukaikt Outwits Gilliam.. Gilliam's Death.. Captain Maxom Takes Command.. Condition at Fort Waters.. Women to the Aid of the Suffering.. Governor's Proclamation.. Additional Volunteers.. Difficulty of Collecting Supplies.. Lee Appointed Colonel.. Resigns in Favor of Waters.. Sets Out for Nez Perce Country.. Cayuses Flee.. End of Campaign.. Results of War

Chapter 8, Early days in Washington
      Early Agricultural Progress.. Emigrants from Fort Garry.. Michael T. Simmons.. Condition of the Sound Country at the Time.. Settlements of 1848.. Beginning of Commerce on Puget Sound.. Settlements of 1850.. Of 1851.. Convention at Cowlitz Landing.. Washington Territory Created.. Governor Stevens.. Conditions Found by Him.. Territory Organized.. Stevens Goes to Washington, D. C... Indian Council Convened.. Extracts from Kipp's Diary.. Governor Stevens' Speech.. Arrival of Looking Glass.. Treaty Signed.. Territory Relinquished

Chapter 9, The Yakima War
      Outbreak.. Causes.. Gold Discovery.. Murder of Agent Bolen.. The Haller Expedition.. Its Defeat.. Olney's Letter to Governor Curry.. Military Preparations.. Major Rains' Expedition.. Rains' Reply to Kamiakin's Letter.. Raymond's Message to Major Chinn.. Establishment of Fort Henrietta.. General Wool Arrives.. Reinforcements sent by Nesmith to Relief of Fort Henrietta.. Kelly Assumes Command.. His Meeting with Peo-peo-mox-mox.. First Day of Battle.. Killing of Peopeomox-mox and other Indian Hostages.. Different Accounts of it.. Kelly's Report of the Battle of Walla Walla.. Severe Winter Following.. Governor Stevens' Return from the Blackfoot Country.. Charges against General Wool-Stevens' Return to Olympia.. War on the Sound.. Massacres on White River.. Desultory Winter Campaign.. Stevens Calls for Additional Volunteers.. Attack on Seattle.. Defeat of Indians on White River.. Volunteers Decide on Inland Empire Campaign.. Operations of the Oregon Volunteers.. Wool's Instructions to Colonel Wright.. Evans' Criticism of Wool.. Wright Starts for Walla Walla.. Kamiakin's Attack on the Cascade Settlements.. Lawrence W. Coe's Account of Attack on the Bradford Store.. Coe's Narrative of Attack on Lower Cascades.. Attack, on Middle Blockhouse Relief Comes.. Sheridan's Operations.. Steptoe's Return.. Wright's Yakima Campaign.. Colonel Shaw's Vigorous Campaign.. Stevens' Second Council of Walla Walla.. Wool's Congratulations.. Failure of the Council -Stevens' Battle with the Indians.. His Criticism of Colonel Wright.. Wright's Patched-up Peace.. Indignation of the Territories.. Indians' Preparations for Renewal of the War.. Steptoe's Ill-starred Expedition.. Wright's Vigorous Campaign.. Battle of Four Lakes.. Spokane Plains.. Peace.. Summary of the Results of the Campaign

Part Two: History of Skagit County
Chapter 1, Period of Settlement

      First Settlers on Fidalgo Island.. Compton's Claim.. Fate of Robert Beale.. Smoke in 1868.. Enumeration of Early Settlers.. First White Woman.. Other Arrivals.. Miss White's Statement.. Agriculture Begun on the Island.. Farm Machinery Introduced.. Progress During Early Seventies.. Ship Harbor.. The Lady of Ship Harbor.. Settlement of Guemes Island.. Copper Prospect Discovered.. "King of the Smugglers".. Attempted Settlement on Mainland in 1855.. Quotation from Northern Light.. Calhoun Visits the Mainland.. His Settlement.. Stories about Swinomish Indians.. Settlers following Calhoun and Sullivan.. Settlers in 1870.. First White Women.. Settlers in 1871.. Conditions in Early Seventies.. Grain Raising.. First Steam Thresher.. Settlement of Padilla.. Arrival of Whitney.. Whitney, Sisson &: Company.. First Settlers in Skagit Valley.. First House.. First School and Church.. Skagit City.. Logging Bees.. Campbell's Store.. Election of 1871.. Potatoes as Legal Tender.. Primitive Transportation.. Logging.. Murder of John Barker.. Kimble's Experiences.. Other Settlers.. Settlement of Upper Valley.. First Settler above the Jam.. Rev. B. N. L. Davis.. Discovery of Coal.. Settlement of Amasa Everett.. Some Pioneers in Special Callings.. Logging Camps.. Settlers at Different Points.. Northern Pacific Railroad Matters.. County Division Rumblings of 1873.. Large Crop Yields on the Swinomish.. The Samish Valley.. Edison.. Early Settlers.. Pioneer Merchant.. Inauguration of Diking.. Public Schools.. Killing of Patrick Mahoney.. Concluding Remarks

Chapter 2, Skagit County, 1874-1883
      Effects of Crisis of 1873.. First Move for Jam Removal.. Cold January in 1875.. Bird's-eye View of County in 1875.. First Coal Shipments.. Scale of Prices in 1870.. Beginning of Work on the Jam.. Proposed Levee Along the River.. Description of Jam.. Importance of Removal.. Northern Star's Report of Progress.. Dangers of Work.. Tribute to the Jam Loggers.. Heavy Grain Shipments in 1876.. Progress of Diking.. Large Yields of Oats.. Star Correspondents' Statistics.. Discovery of Coal.. Prospecting in 1877.. Discovery of Gold in 1878.. Excitement Ensuing.. Ruby Creek Mines.. Conditions in 1877-8.. Logging above the Jam.. Progress of the Upper Valley.. Birdsview.. Sedro-Woolley.. District Court at La Conner.. Restoration of Railroad Lands.. Voyage of the Josephine.. Social Life.. Drowning of John Imbler.. Fishing Industry.. Heavy Snow Fall of 1880.. Mining.. Steamboating to the Mines.. Settlement at Mouth of Baker River.. Fracas with Indians.. Memorial to Postmaster General.. Fine Oat Crops.. Floods of 1882.. Jam Removal Meeting.. Lumbering.. Minkler's Mill.. Drowning of J. S. Kelly

Chapter 3, Skagit County, 1883-1889
      County Division.. Preliminary Sparring.. The Bill Introduced.. First Bill Lost.. Another Introduced and Carried.. Copy of the Act.. Loss of Steamers Josephine and Fanny Lake.. Other Steamers.. Movements for Improvement of River Navigation.. Movement for Improved Roads.. Dry Summer of 1883.. Swinomish Flat Developments in 1883.. Floods, Drowning of Walker.. Morse's Tide Land Report.. Jam Removal Matters Again.. Lumbering in 1884.. Indian Fracas.. County Seat Struggle Begun.. Its Progress and Conclusion.. Minerals.. Cold Weather in December, 1884.. General Progress.. Auditor's Statistics.. Forest Fires in 1885.. Good Crops of That Year.. List of Loggers.. Anti-Chinese Demonstrations.. General Developments in 1886.. Skagit River Telephone Company.. Outline of Mail Contracts.. List of Tax Payers.. Railroad Matters.. Skagit Saw-mill and Manufacturing Company.. Whitney Island.. Freshet of 1887.. Whatcom.. Skagit Struggle Again.. Blowing up of the Bob Irving.. Rapid Developments of 1888.. Railroad Rumors.. Logging.. Statistics of Property, 1883-8.. Statehood.. Mining Activities.. Constitutional Convention.. Final Admission

Chapter 4, Skagit County, 1889-1897
      Cold Winter of 1889-90.. Railroad Projects.. The Seattle & Northern.. Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern.. Fairhaven & Southern.. Seattle & Montana.. Paper Railroads.. General Excitement.. Anacortes Boom.. Mount Vernon.. Skagit County Agricultural Society.. Increase in Population.. Memorials to Congress.. Anti-Chinese Movements.. Attempted Highway Robbery.. Smallpox Epidemic.. Pioneer Association Organized.. List of First Officers and Members.. Road Agitation in 1891.. New County Scheme.. Shooting Affair of July 26, 1891.. Bar Association.. Great Growth of County.. Bridge Building in 1892 County Seat Removal Struggle.. Population in 1892.. Assessment Returns.. Floods of Winter of 1892-3.. Cold Snap in January and February.. Proposed Motor Line.. Trial for Murder of David C. Moody.. Wilbur Heirs Case.. Large Shipments of Oats.. Skagit County Shingle Association.. Court-house Erected.. Wagon Bridge at Mount Vernon Completed.. Crop Conditions in 1893.. Marsh Land Reclamation.. Flood of 1894.. Damage to Realty Owners and Railroads.. Drowning of N.P. Swanberg and Child.. Drowning of Indians.. Freshet of July.. Results of Flood.. Northwest Agricultural Society.. Skagit County Horticultural Society.. Forest Fire.. High Tide of January 12, 1895.. Anacortes Threatened by Forest Fire.. Unfortunate Year I895.. Memorial in Matter of Clearing the Mouth of the Skagit.. Fracas on the Wharf at Samish.. Trial of Baldwin, Perkins and Loop.. County Immigration Association Projects of 1895-6.. Floods of 1896.. Attempted Murder at Prairie

Chapter 5, Skagit County, 1897-1905
      General Revival of Industry.. Indian Murder Case.. Klondike Excitement.. Flood of November, 1897.. Spanish-American War Summary of Events.. Return of the Soldiers Trial of Joe Henry.. Murder of D.M. Woodbury.. Trial of Al. Hamilton.. His Final Conviction and Execution.. Trouble Over Employment of Japanese.. Invasion of Army Worms.. Railroad Accident.. Gorsage Case.. Census of 1900.. Prosperous Year 1901.. County Fair.. Memorial Services.. Storm of December 25th.. Railroad Accident of January 1, 1903.. Trial of Charles Lindgrind.. Skagit County at the St. Louis Fair.. Refunding of Bonds.. Jail Break.. Pioneers' Reunions of 1904-5.. Burning of Steamer Elwood.. Prosperous Year 19U4.. High Tide of December 29, 1904.. Encouraging Outlook

Chapter 6, Political
      Division Movement in 1882.. Officers Elected That Year.. Special County Election.. Precincts and Official Vote.. Organization of First Board of Commissioners.. Ferry Licenses Granted.. First Jurors.. County Seat Struggle of 1884.. Vote on question by Precincts.. Democratic Convention of 1884.. Republican Convention.. Official Vote, Commissioner District Question.. Local Option Election.. Peoples Party Organized.. Official Vote in 1886.. Election of 1889.. Special Election of 1889.. Conventions and Election of 1890.. Hot Campaign of 1892.. People's Party Appears.. Conventions and Official Vote.. Conventions and Elections of 1894.. Northwestern County Combination.. Vigorous Campaign of 1896.. Preliminary Conventions.. Resolutions of the "Middle-of-the-Roaders".. Official Returns.. Official Returns in 1900.. McBride Becomes Governor.. Preliminary Conventions in 1902.. Official Vote.. Republican Resolutions in 1904 Democratic Convention

Chapter 7, Cities and Towns
      Mount Vernon, Its Site.. First Settlement.. First School.. Platting of the Town First Store First Residence.. First Restaurant.. Transportation.. Progress in 1879.. Effect of Ruby Creek Excitement.. Logging in the Vicinity.. Flag Pole.. Fraternal Orders.. Progress in 1883-4.. School Census of 1884.. Odd Fellows' Hall.. Mount Vernon Made County Seat.. Skagit Sawmill and Manufacturing Company.. Railroad Matters.. Telegraphic Connections.. Building and Loan .Association.. Incorporation Steady Growth During Boom.. Period Enterprises Inaugurated at the Time.. Municipal Improvements.. First Big Fire.. Great Northern Reaches Mount Vernon.. School Building Erected.. Opera House.. Chamber of Commerce.. "Mass Meeting" of 1894.. New Dike Effort for City Water System.. Fire of April 20, 1895.. Later Fires.. Progress of Recent Years.. Fraternities.. Churches.. Newspapers.. Schools.. Bank.. Summary of Business Houses.. Fair .Association.. Professional Men.. City Officers
      LaConner, First Mercantile Establishment.. John S. Conner.. La Conner Post office.. La Conner in 1882.. James and George Gaches.. Efforts for Improvement of Swinomish Slough.. Development in 1875.. Steamboat Transportation.. Business Establishments.. Telephonic Connections, Water System, Etc... Incorporation.. Disincorporation.. Re-incorporation.. Puget Sound Mail.. Public Schools.. Churches.. Fraternities.. Skagit County Bank Fires.. Present Population.. Outlook.
      Anacortes.. Romance of its History.. Excellent Location.. Amos Bowman's Article.. Earliest Settlers in the Vicinity.. Bowman's Map.. Terminal Aspirations.. Bowman's Account.. Anacortes in 1882.. Communication.. Early Steamboats.. Platted.. Northern Pacific Railroad Interested.. The Boom.. Roads Toward Anacortes.. Electric Railroad Enterprise, Skagit Motor Line.. First Ocean Steamship's Visit.. Municipal Incorporation.. First Election.. Chamber of Commerce.. Schools.. Newspapers.. Banks.. Breaking of Boom.. County Seat Fight.. Fish Canneries Established.. Banks.. Wharves.. Churches.. Fraternities.. Water System.. Fire Department.. Conclusion.
      Sedro-Woolley, Marvelous Growth.. First Settlement.. Arrival of Mortimer Cook.. "Bug" Established by Him.. Inception of Business Enterprises.. Boom of 1889 in Sedro.. Entrance of Fairhaven & Southern.. Other Railroads.. Platting of Sedro. Kelleyville, Business Houses in 1890.. Decline of the Pioneer Town.. Kelly's Town Takes the Lead.. Sedro Land and Improvement Company.. First City Election.. St. Elizabeth's Hospital.. Woolley Founded.. Story of Beginnings.. Post office Established.. Early Business Enterprises.. First City Election in Woolley.. Growth of the Industrial Field.. Social Life Organized.. Disastrous Fire of 1891.. That of 1893.. Hard Times.. Union of Sedro and Woolley in 1898.. First City Officials.. Progress of the Consolidated City.. Story of the Schools.. Present System.. Churches and Their History.. City's Newspapers.. Present City Officers.. Fraternities.. Business Directory.. Present Status.. "The Tale of Two Cities"

Chapter 8, Cities and Towns continued
      Burlington, first Settlements.. Platting of Town.. Early Business Men.. Pioneer Loggers.. Millett's Dwelling Erected.. Postoffice Established.. Advent of Railroads.. Geographical Surroundings.. Incorporation in 1902.. Belleville Episode.. First Business Houses.. Mills Established.. Business Directory of 1905.. Schools.. Churches..Fraternities. Edison, Surroundings.. First Settlers.. Post office Meeting.. Captain Edwards' Store.. Town Platted.. Samish Island.. Town in 1878.. In 1882.. Early Business Men.. Disastrous Fire of 1893.. Industries of Community.. Present Business Houses.. Schools.. Churches.. Fraternities. Bow, Founding.. Growth.. Present. Avon.. Establishment by White and Skaling.. Temperance Town.. Pioneer Business Men.. Business Features.. Business Directory.. Churches and Schools.. North Avon. Bayview.. Its Incipiency.. Resources.. As it is To-day. Clearlake, History.. Present.. Resources. McMurray, Establishment of Town.. Location.. Growth.. Business Houses of To-day. Monthorne.. Hamilton, Its Past, Incorporation.. Growth.. Business Directory. Baker, Story of Its Growth.. Present.. Sauk City.. Rockport.. Cement City.. Dewey.. Whitney.. Fidalgo.. Fir.. Conway.. Skagit City.. Lyman.. Sterling.. Thorne.. Ehrlich.. Some Historic Boom Towns.. Other Post offices in Skagit County

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